7.5" pink moon - hand painted stained glass moon (Heart of Stained Glass x Glimpse Glass collab)

$420.00 USD

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Pink moon beauty! A shimmery pink iridescent moon is paired with pink and white crystals and bright teal/green leaves that light up the sky. A unique flower lies at the centre, crafted with 3 quartz points and milky textured iridescent glass that catches your eye!

This large iridescent moon measures 7.5" wide by 7" tall and comes with the attached black chain loop. Let me know if you need more!

This capsule collection of moons was crafted in collaboration with the talented Isabelle of Heart of Stained Glass. Isabelle hand-painted each moon on discontinued and very special Spectrum iridescent glass. I took each moon and paired them with a collage of colour, texture, and... sometimes quartz crystals(!) to create beautiful 3D works of art for your home.

Crafted using the traditional copper foil (Tiffany) stained glass technique where pieces of glass are broken, ground, covered with copper foil tape, and soldered together. They are then washed, tinted with a patina, and buffed for maximum happy.


  • Wires may shift and can be gently bent back into shape as desired.
  • Your stained glass item is crafted with solder containing lead - it is intended for decoration only. No licking or snuggling please, and it's recommended to wash your hands after handling, as lead primarily enters through your mouth. The glass is also breakable, so take care.
  • Need a polish? Use a microfibre cloth to buff solder lines and remove fingerprints.

Please reach out with any questions! Thank you :)