frequently asked questions

Product Care

How do I take care of my stained glass item?

All Glimpse Glass terrariums come with care instructions to help you take care of your glass creation, as well as your plant, if applicable. You can follow these simple instructions to keep your stained glass masterpiece looking brand new:

  • If your container needs a scrub, clean with a damp, soapy cloth.
  • To spiff up, wipe with furniture polish like Pledge.
  • Microfibre cloths are great for removing fingerprints!
  • Place candles so that heat vents up through an opening or your cute glass container may crack.
  • Stained glass items should be kept away from children and pets. Solder lines contain lead (we don’t recommend licking them) and surfaces are made from breakable glass.

Help! How do I keep my air plant alive?

These tiny plants are low maintenance but DO require some care to survive in our climate.

  • WATERING: Soak the whole plant for 15 minutes each week using room temperature tap water. If you forget to water, just soak it longer next time (up to 2 hours!).
  • Shake off excess water and allow plant to dry before returning it to its home.
  • Do not over-water or place in soil.
  • LIGHTING: Place in a happy, bright location, but avoid direct sun.
  • GROOMING: If you prefer the healthy green look, brown leaf tips and any sprouting “roots” can be cut off.
  • The inevitable dead leaves at the bottom can also be gently peeled off.
  • Included moss doesn’t require care, it has been preserved to last for ever and ever – easy button! You can mist it if it becomes dry.
  • Want to be overloaded with information? We recommend these instructions from our plant distributor.

Can I put candles in my terrarium container/planter?

Yes! In fact, that sounds gorgeous! Just make sure that the heat can escape (it wants to go straight up) or you'll end up with a cracked container.

Can I put dirt in my terrarium?

Yes! Please do. Your terrarium is water tight, so feel free to put dirt or water in there. You may want to add some rocks into the bottom to allow for drainage of your soil. Remember - you can't put air plants in dirt.

What are your the lines on your stained glass made of?

It's true. Our products contain breakable glass and lead, as is the case with traditional stained glass. ... BUT since you are not licking or cuddling our products, this is shouldn't be an issue. We recommend you use them for their intended purpose - decoration. Lead is mostly absorbed by consuming it (through the mouth) and neither you, nor I plan on doing that, right!?


Do you offer wholesale?

So you want to have us in your shop? We are happy to offer wholesale! Please contact us for our line sheet. Want something else? Message us for custom wholesale requests!

Custom Orders

Do you do custom orders?

We are currently closed for custom orders - we are really busy and we don't want to keep you waiting! Sent us a message if you would like to work with us in the future. In the mean time, please read the info below.

HOW IT WORKS: We charge an initial design fee, and if you go ahead with the design, we will take payment in full before the work begins.

TIMELINE: Custom orders typically take one week for design and about three weeks to produce before shipping (depending on the item).

Do you do wedding or bulk orders? (weddings, employee appreciation or event gifts)

We like big orders and we cannot lie! ... but we do need some time to complete them. Please consider a timeline of about three weeks for all orders with more than 10 items. Busy times (like Christmas) of the year could affect these timelines.

BUT DO YOU OFFER A DISCOUNT? Yes! We'd love to offer you a discount for a large purchase. Message us with your ideas and quantity required and we'll let you know what we can do for you.


Which postal carrier/courier do you use?

We ship everything via Canada Post unless otherwise requested. Flat objects are shipped by lettermail or light packet to save you monies (and sometimes it's even faster!). Please allow 10 business days for your item to get to you once it has shipped. Because we often use lettermail, we don't always have a tracking number. If you need one, please let us know BEFORE we ship. There may be an additional charge for shipping.

PACKAGING: We use recycled or reused items to ship our products, saving the environment and your pocketbook. We make sure it looks all professional for you, though.

Where is my package?

Good things take time :). Because we often use lettermail, we don't always have a tracking number. If you need one, please let us know BEFORE we ship. There may be an additional charge for shipping. If you think you should have your item by now, please shoot us a message!

Will I have to pay duties/customs?

If your item is going across an international border, you may be required to pay customs. All customs/import duties are the responsibility of the customer.


What if my item arrives damaged?

If you receive our product and it's broken, please let us know RIGHT AWAY and send a picture. Even though we take special care in packaging your items, the post office doesn't always take the same care in transporting them. We are happy to replace or refund your damaged order - we may just request you send back the damaged product on our dime.

If you're unhappy, we want to make it right! ... BUT if you've had the product in your pretty hands for more than seven days, we consider it final sale.

Do you offer returns?

We want to make sure you're happy, but because of the costs of shipping we require the purchaser to pay for the return of the item. All sales are final if you've had the item for more than 7 days. If your item is damaged or broken on arrival, we will do our best to make it right for you, please send us a message and a photo of the damage.