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Product Care

How do I take care of my stained glass item?

All Glimpse Glass creations come with care instructions, to assist you in maintaining your new masterpiece. These intructions are intended for my glass items and may not be appropriate for restoring older pieces from other artists using other materials and techniques.

You can follow these simple instructions to keep your stained glass masterpiece looking brand new:

• If your item needs a scrub, clean with a damp (not wet), soapy cloth.

• To spiff up, wipe with furniture polish like Pledge or carnauba car wax.

• Microfibre cloths are great for removing fingerprints!

• Wire can be gently bent back into place, as it can shift in transit or contact. Be aware that the wire can tear the copper foil on the glass edges if it is moved too much, so use caution.

• Stained glass items should be kept away from children and pets. Solder lines contain lead (we don’t recommend licking them) and surfaces are made from breakable glass.

• Double check your hangers once a year to make sure they are not degrading in the sun or from the weight. Replace as necessary!

Does stained glass contain lead?

It's true. Our products contain breakable glass and lead, as is the case with traditional stained glass. ... BUT since you are not licking or cuddling our products, this is shouldn't be an issue. We recommend you use them for their intended purpose - decoration. Lead is mostly absorbed by consuming it (through the mouth) and neither you, nor I plan on eating it, right!? (do not eat your Glimpse Glass creation!)

Anything that is intended to be worn or touched frequently, such as headbands, are made with lead-free solder, but may still contain traces, as they is created in a studio that uses lead.

How do I hang my stained glass item?

I strongly suggest that you do not use suction cups to hold stained glass, as they will inevitably fail - and glass is fragile.

Instead, you can use the provided leather, chain or hoop to hang your creation using a screw in the wall or the window frame. A specialized tack is often included and is appropriate for hanging your item. Ornate drawer handles can add some glamour instead of a plain screw. Hooks in window frames (or just above) work really well too.

If the provided hanger isn't long enough, you can easily replace it or hang it from a clear thread, like fishing line. Just make sure it is strong enough to handle the weight of your piece.

Double check your hangers once a year to make sure they are not degrading in the sun or from the weight. Replace as necessary!

Feel free to reach out for additional guidance.

Custom Orders

Do you offer wholesale?

At this time, only our Glimpse Glass Folk items are offered for wholesale. The full list of items can be found on Prices are typically 50% of the listed Etsy cost, plus shipping. Any duties and fees are the responsibility of the person making the order.

We have a minimum order requirement of $200 CAD. Shipping will take place within two weeks of your order, unless otherwise directed. Items ship from Vancouver Island, BC using Canada Post.

Due to demand, wreaths, headbands and other items made by Kara are not available for wholesale at this time.

Please contact us for more information!

Do you do custom orders?

We are currently closed for custom orders - we are really busy and we don't want to keep you waiting!

Patrons of Glimpse Glass at the "Gardener" tier are entitled to one custom wreath option each year (as well as other amazing perks like early shop access!). Check out my Patreon site for more info.

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