helia - 12" stained and fused glass moon wreath - sunflower moon

$630.00 USD

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We love sunflowers and this beautiful stained glass moon wreath does not disappoint. Dubbed Helia after the sun and greek goddess, this sunflower wreath boasts a fused sparkly aventurine green centre, decorative soldering and foil sculpture, as well as gold leaf sparkles. 

NOTE: Two possible hangers are shown. Please let me know if you would like to have me add felt to the back to protect your wall from any scratches.


Crafted using the traditional copper foil (Tiffany) stained glass technique where pieces of glass are broken, ground, covered with copper foil tape and soldered together. Buffed for maximum happy. The glass flower centre was crafted by firing glass multiple times in the kiln, up to nearly 1500F.


  • I don't recommend exposing your glass items to weather. Everything is worn by weather, and this very fancy piece of glass is no exception.
  • Wires may shift and can be gently bent back into shape as desired.
  • Your stained glass item is crafted with lead-free AND lead solder - but may still contain traces - no licking. The glass is still breakable, so take care.
  • Need a polish? Use a microfibre cloth to buff solder lines and remove fingerprints. Be careful of gold leaf or painted details.

Please reach out with any questions! Thank you :)